Dirty Chones Hot Barbeque Sauce

Phil’s Gourmet  sauces are definitely where Southwest flavors meet barbeque.  I’ve added enticing fruit combinations and a spicy kick to bring you well-rounded sauces that enhance the flavor of any cut of beef, pork, chicken, and even game meat.  They’re also great as dipping and wing sauces.


After many requests, I am excited about the new addition to my lineup of sauces…Dirty Chones HOT Barbeque Sauce.  Dirty Chones HOT Barbeque Sauce  still keeps in line with high-quality ingredients, but with the addition of one of the hottest peppers around, the Scorpion pepper.

First, the great flavor teases your palate as the heat begins to build. 


This collaboration of New Mexico’s  finest red chile and the scorpion pepper has evolved as an excellent sauce for ribs, pulled pork, wings, and brisket.  A true winner when you want to take it up to the next level of awesome heat.

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Dirty Chones Hot Barbeque Sauce

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